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Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts are automatic platforms designed to lift wheel chairs on and off higher levels. This provides people who use wheelchairs easy access to business establishments and motor vehicles. It can also be installed in residential dwellings to help the wheelchair-bound person bypass a couple of steps.

The wheelchair lift is powered by electricity. It uses hydraulics to position the platform wherever it is needed. In case of electrical or hydraulic failure, the wheelchair lift can also be manually operated as a failsafe mechanism.

A wheelchair lift can either be a retracting or folding platform. Wheelchair lifts were chiefly used in houses or hospitals. Wheelchair lift installation is relatively easy to do. It is very simple to operate and does not require constant maintenance. Because of its intended use, wheelchair lifts are designed with every safety feature imaginable. It has a non-slip platform for better wheelchair carrying stability. Constant pressure switches monitor the hydraulic pressure of the lift for any anomalies that can indicate a leak in the hydraulic system. The platform has low edges for hassle free roll-on and roll-off. Built on the platform are safety barriers and railings to hold the wheelchair in place. Wheelchair lifts can lift up to a height of 72 inches maximum. It is smooth riding on a wheelchair lift. The hydraulic system is made so that jerky motions are minimized.

For building owners with elevated frontages who intend to save on ramp space, installing a wheelchair lift is a good alternative. This will considerably enlarge parking spaces in front of a shop aside from avoiding any violations of your area's building code.

There are three kinds of wheelchair lifts. The inclined platform wheelchair lift is for both indoor and outdoor use. Houses, schools, churches and other private and public buildings may have them installed. The inclined platform is also a help to people who have difficulty in climbing the stairs.

The vertical platform wheelchair lift is customizable. A better use for it would be in commercial buildings or in the house as an elevator.

The portable wheelchair lift or Mobilift is used for school stages and other vertically raised platforms.

The Portable vertical lift is a cross between the portable wheelchair lift and the vertical wheelchair lift that gives it a lot of functionality and practicality.

In pursuit of convenience and functionality, man has certainly come a long way. The wheelchair lift is a creative testament to this. However which way you choose to see it, the wheelchair lift is now a necessity.




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