Stop! Which is Better a Waterbed or a Memory Foam Bed??

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Waterbeds Vs Memory Foam Beds - Which is Right for You


Water Bed or Memory Foam Mattress?

Water beds have changed a lot. Water beds used to make people look like sail boats tossing around the sea in squall. Now, wave less water beds have changed the water bed's reputation.

Used to be that memory foam mattress was "the" bed of choice. It offered minimal resistance to the sleeping body. Although it acted like water, nothing beats the original. If the memory foam mattress gave little resistance, the water beds today give almost no resistance at all. This means that the bed surface conforms to your body shape. When you move, changing your shape on the surface of the bed, the water bed immediately follows suit. Almost zero resistance. This almost zero resistance feature translates to very good sleeping conditions.

Water beds are phenomenal but they require maintenance. There plenty of parts and accessories for your water bed. Purchasing these parts from the internet will give you better deals for your money. Stuff like water bed heaters, drain fill kits, frames and head boards can be bought or reviewed in the internet with great discounts to go along with them. Decorating the water bed to match the bedroom decor is also easy. Quilts, throw cushions and towels can be purchased from specialty bedding suppliers.

The water bed is one good piece of furniture to have in your home. Taken care of properly, the bed can last you a lifetime of fun and pleasure.




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