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The internet is very useful when trying to look for mobility vans up for sale. From brand new to used vehicles, you can search for the specific vehicle you want as well as narrow down your search to your immediate area. When shopping for a brand new mobility vehicle, it is best to consult with a mobility products specialist. This person is your best option in determining the vehicle that suits your needs perfectly. You can also use the internet to find out about the reviews and opinions of people who bought the same thing you are buying. There is nothing better than experience to guide you in making choices.

You can buy used mobility vans directly from the dealers. Newspaper classified adds as well as magazines may also contain information pertaining to mobility vans up for sale. Find out if there are repair specialists near you, as a regular garage may not have the correct tools or knowledge in dealing with a mobility van. If buying from a dealer who isn't a certified mobility distributor, do a background check first. Try to find other people who have done business with the dealer and ask for their opinion and advice.

Mobility vans come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Mobility vans can either have rear or side entry points depending on the purchaser's preference. Built in wheelchair lifts or ramps controlled by a remote or push button device are customizable. The mobility van, whether full-sized or a mini, is a specialty van. Most gadgets and controls installed in the vehicle will be according to your specifications.

When you are in the shop, look at the different models available. Find out if you can easily get in and out of the van. Check the accessibility gadgets installed on the van to make sure they are appropriate for your use. Look at the other, regular features of the van to get a picture of the whole. This way, you'll know whether you generally like or dislike the van. Most important, test-drive the vehicle. See if all vehicular controls are within easy reach as well as any special fittings designed specifically for you.

Even though a mobility van is a special vehicle, it still must meet safety standards. The van should have a heavy-duty electrical system to compensate for specialty accessories. The chassis must be reinforced to bear the weight of a lift system installed in the vehicle.

When a vehicle is modified, the warranty is sometimes rendered null and void. You have to make sure that the warranty is not affected or cancelled due to the mobility modifications. Just be sure that you are getting your money's worth.

The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is an organization that studies and monitors quality in the production and utilization of mobility equipment in vehicles. It will be wise to visit their web site and read circulars about mobility vehicles. The NMEDA web site is Good luck on whatever brand of mobility van you choose to drive: a ford handicapped van, a chevy handicapped van, a dodge handicapped van, etc.





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