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Elderly and Handicapped Urinals

A toilet emergency is no laughing matter. Its very hard to suppress that tiny amount of liquid that wants to come out immediately. Finding a toilet becomes an urgent matter. With the necessity of having to suppress and walk to the toilet, its a wonder that most of us make it there. Its a different story for the elderly or handicapped though.

Just to get out of bed into a wheel chair takes time. Walking with arthritis and rheumatism will certainly slow you down. How do you deal with those urgent calls of nature?

There is a portable urinal designed for women's use but can be appropriated for men's use as well. Its a vinyl bag with a hose attached to it. The urine goes into the hose straight to the bag. It really isn't a catheter (ouch!). Anyway, this bag is small enough that it can fit into a woman's purse. The reason why it's designed for women is mainly because of the way it can be hidden under their dress.

However, with a little ingenuity, man can also use this convenient piece of plastic. The human male can try taping the bag to the upper legs. If you don't mind something warm against your leg, then you'll be fine. At least, it isn't wet.

Now, if you really have problems with moving fast, this could be just the thing for you. Forget those soggy diapers. Just the thought of them stuck to me. Ugghh!! If your stuck in a wheel chair, you eliminate the need of having to be lifted up and out onto the toilet seat. Because it can be hidden, you can use it anywhere. Men, just don't shiver when you're done urinating.




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