Stop! The Dangers of Sleeping in a Liftchair Revealed

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How Sleeping in Your Lift Chair May Be Dangerous to Your Health


Negative Effects of Sleeping in Lift Chairs

Sleeping in any other position aside from our normal lying down just doesn't seem to provide the necessary rest we normally get when we do it normally. When traveling long distances in airplanes or cars, the lack of space forces people to sleep in a sitting position. Even though some people manage to sleep when traveling, the rest factor is at bare minimum. Some people even wake up tired. According to a scientific hypothesis, sleeping upright keeps brainwave activity at a higher level than normal, which makes it difficult to really sleep.

The scientific community at the University of California, San Francisco, conducted this study. The study was done on twenty eight men who were exposed to four different sleeping conditions. These were lying down with positive pressure on the legs, lying down with no positive pressure on the legs and sleeping upright with the head tilted at a forty degree angle. The equipment used in the study was an EEG, which monitored the heart rate, blood pressure and brain wave activity of each subject. Specifically, the baroceptors of each person was monitored during the time of the study. Baroceptors are located inside the heart wall. They are pressure receptors that are sensitive to increases in blood pressure. According to accumulated data, the baroceptor response exhibited decreased response while brain wave activity showed a considerable increase, which confirms the hypothesis that sleeping upright interferes with normal sleep.

Sleeping upright not only deprives us of much needed rest. It also causes us physical discomforts such as head aches, neck, shoulder and back pains. This may cause a recurring condition of the pains felt after sleeping upright. Chronic pain conditions may develop if the habit of sleeping upright is not immediately stopped.

If you find yourself constantly falling asleep, maybe you should try getting a good night's rest on your bed so that your whole body can stretch out and relax all those tired muscles. There are plenty of relaxation therapies available today. Meditation is said to give back two hours of sleep for every hour spent meditating. That may be so, but you still are in an upright position. Nothing beats regular sleep when it comes to getting your body relaxed and receiving much needed rest.




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