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No Limits for the Handicapped

Thanks to technology, people with mobility handicaps can now go about the world by themselves. It used to be hard for these people to travel, much less move around inside the house without assistance. Even with the wheel chair, handicapped people still needed help. Now, things are very much different.

Automobiles are provisioned with driving aids for the handicapped. Public transport has been refurbished to provide handicapped access using ramps and lifts. Ramps and lifts are required structures in buildings all across the country. The scooter has been recreated for handicapped mobility use. Wheel chairs have become motorized. Lift chairs have been developed to provide the handicapped a better opportunity of doing chores that they were unable to do before. If there is anything left in the modern world to deter the handicapped from performing their duties, it would probably be a mountain. Then again, a blind man climbed Mt. Everest, which happens to be the tallest mountain in the world.

These technological blessings are available to anyone. Either through personal savings, insurance or Medicare and a whole lot of charitable foundations, handicapped individuals may acquire mobility accessories to increase their freedom of movement. In today's commercial world, freedom to move or travel is a highly valued commodity. Giving this freedom to the handicapped in the form of mobility equipment and handicapped legislation is the best gift they could ever receive in their lives.

Power wheelchairs cost anywhere from $350 to $450. If you are thinking of getting the much cheaper manual version, it is advisable not to bother about them because these wheel chairs are companions for life. You might as well get something that will help you reduce the effort in having to get around your whole lifetime.

Getting into the car from the wheel chair is easier most of the time than getting the wheel chair into the car. To assist in this activity, manual wheel chair lifts have been developed. The folding manual wheel chair requires a Class I hitch. It has spring loaded platforms on selected models to make lifting the wheel chair into the car easier. Before you buy it, try to figure out your weight lifting capacity. Some of these models can be real heavy.

Power wheel chair lifts automatically stows the wheelchair into your vehicle with just a push of a button. Their lifetime use far outweighs the costs of having this contraption installed on your vehicle. Just picture yourself hefting a wheel chair every time you get in your car and it will be easier to get the more expensive automatic lifter. Just make sure that the wheel chair fits in the lift.

There are many models available for wheel chair lifts. Choose the one you feel will be most suitable for you. By the way, wheel chair lifts function inside or outside. Don't forget your warranty.

If you are really keen on not having to transfer out of the wheel chair when driving, get a mobility van or have your car modified so that all you have to do is park your chair in front of the wheel to start rolling. Modifications will cost a lot, but it will definitely be a big advantage over those wheel chair lifts.

If you choose to stick to that wheel chair lift, the best material was, and still is, solid aluminum. You can also get solid steel but that would be heavier. Have a professional install the lift. Your warranty might not honor a broken lift if a DIY handyman installed it. Also, have the lift checked by a professional on a periodic basis. Preventive maintenance is cheaper than forced maintenance.

The most important thing to remember is not to spare any amount for helpful gadgets like those mentioned above. These gadgets provide not only mobility, but freedom and dignity as well. How much does that mean to you?




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