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Memory Foam Pillow Smells: How to Take the Stink Out of Your Memory Foam Pillow


Smell the Bad from Memory Foam Away

A day out in the world drains you of your emotional and physical resources. The need for rest, relaxation and sleep has become more important than ever for people living in crowded and polluted cities. One of the main reasons why fast food has become a major business is that it eliminates the need to exert extra effort in preparing your own meals. Exerting effort when it isn't necessary is a waste of energy that can be redirected to other pursuits.

This is evident in situations where people get home from out of doors and just want to sit down, relax and watch the television for some escapist relaxation. Other people just go straight to bed after wolfing down a quick meal from the drive thru of a fast food chain. Relaxation and bed rest are much needed activities especially when you are tired and worn out with strained and tired muscles and aching joints. Exercising becomes drudgery when added to the list of tasks to be performed.

Sleep is still the best form of rest a person can ever have. While meditation offers an equivalent of two hours sleep for every hour spent meditating, it still doesn't offer the same quality of rest and relaxation needed by our bodies as mediating is performed sitting upright. Studies have shown that sleeping upright isn't really sleeping but more like half awake.

Laying your tired and worn body down on a soft and comfortable mattress is a blissful experience because you are doing what your body needs to do. In some instances, you might even hear the mattress calling to you. The mattress is, after all, a comfort and constant companion during the nighttime. It also gives us security and a feeling of really being at home. As a testament to these feelings, most of us find it hard to sleep on other surfaces that we are not familiar with.

A better mattress is the foam mattress. It is a plastic compound made of polyurethane and other chemicals put together. The best foam mattress available today is the memory foam mattress. The memory foam was developed by NASA but was later abandoned when they found its qualities sorely lacking. Since then, research and development has evolved the memory foam mattress into what it is today.

A good memory foam mattress does not exert that much pressure when you lean against it or lie on it. It should instead depress and conform to the natural shape of your body exerting as little pressure as possible. When pressure on the body is lessened, the better the sleeping experience. This is the reason why foam mattresses are superior to the bulky, heavy standard mattress. Keep in mind that the thicker the foam is, the harder it is. Since pressure depends on the stiffness of the mattress, use your judgment as to what gauge or thickness of mattress is comfortable to you.

There are many variations in making memory foam mattresses. Mostly, cheaper components are used in the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers use formaldehyde and other dangerous chemicals as components.

This is where the smelling comes in. If it smells like strong vinegar, dump it. This is usually an indication of the presence of dangerous compounds.




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