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Soaking in a tub is a pleasurable, relaxing way of resting and cleaning the body at the same time. After a tiring day from work, nothing beats feeling the soothing warm water washing off all the strain and dirt off you. This activity is taken for granted. After all, there isn't anything special or odd about soaking in a hot tub. Special circumstances, however, make soaking in a hot tub special.

For people with lower limb handicap, soaking in a hot tub is a special occasion. What makes it special is the frequency of these hot tub baths. Because they require assistance when going over the sides of the tub, handicapped people would rather forgo the bother that a hot tub soak causes. For one thing, the handicapped will have to be carried out of the wheel chair and then set in the tub. For another, the handicapped will have to be carried out of the tub back into the wheel chair when it is all done.

This lack of mobility reinforces the feelings of helplessness and uselessness in a handicapped person. To avoid feeling these emotions and to keep their dignity intact, they choose to forgo activities that will require assistance. This is why most handicapped prefer to skip bathing in a tub.

Today there are several gadgets that give freedom of movement back to the handicapped. Aside from the trusty wheel chair, scooters, mobility vans, hydraulic platforms, lift chairs and even bath lifts.

Specifically, the bath lift is a specialty product of Bath Time Mobility together with other mobility bath products. Bath Time Mobility has been successfully providing their special services in South England for seven years with thousands of customers served and satisfied. Today, Bath Time Mobility has begun expanding their service area to North England in the hopes of providing the same excellent quality service they have been providing South England.

Bath Time Mobility's quality products range from walk in baths, hot tub baths, power baths, walk in showers, bath lifts to shower accessories. To make matters more convenient, Bath Time Mobility will bring their showroom to your house if you request for it. Visit their web site at and browse the various selections available for handicapped bathers. Take note of what you want to see and give them a call to have that home demonstration. You'll be on your way to having a great time bathing in a tub as many times as you want for however long you want without having to wait for help.




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