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Power Wheelchairs by Medicare

Medicare will partially cover the cost of a power wheel chair if the applicant meets its qualification criteria. The total coverage of Medicare for power wheel chair purchasing is eighty percent. It is always wise to file a pre-approval form with Medicare. Still, there are agencies and foundations across the US that will cover the remaining cost of the power wheel chair pending approval from Medicare. Since your chances of getting a free power wheel chair depends on your Medicare approval, let's take a quick look at qualification guidelines.

Having temporary or permanent lower limb disability that requires wheel chairs for mobility is the first step in the door. Since the application is for a power wheel chair, the applicant should be in such a condition that operating a manual wheelchair is nearly impossible. Operating the power wheel chair or scooter with competence is another requirement. Transferring safely on and off the wheel chair is another criterion. The upper body of the applicant should be stable enough to control and ride the wheel chair or scooter. If the applicant purchased a scooter or wheel chair within the last five years and was reimbursed for it, the application may be disqualified. When filing a claim for a power wheel chair, Medicare should be the primary insurance provider for the application. If the applicant previously availed for him or herself a wheel chair from Medicare, that chair should be returned during the claims process for a new power wheel chair.

Once Medicare reviews and approves the claim, the applicant should submit several required documents for processing. A description of handicapped limitations affecting the patient to support the necessity of a POV as well as all diagnoses done by physicians, specialists and surgeons proving the need for the POV. All this should be printed on a letter head indicating the specialty of the physician. The recommendation for a wheel chair request can only be filed by a neurologist, orthopedic surgeon, rheumatologist, or rehabilitation medicine specialist.

Eighty percent of the wheel chair bill will be shouldered by Medicare. Reimbursements will vary depending on the state where the Medicare application was filed. One hundred dollars is the yearly deductible for Medicare's Part B. All claims are settled by Medicare within thirty days. For more details and information, it is better to get in touch with Medicare directly.


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