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How Sleeping on a Memory Foam Mattress May Save Your Life


Memory Foam as a Healthy Substitute for the Common Mattress

What is memory foam? A good example would be those stress balls. Better yet, here is some history and general information about memory foam.

The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration developed the first memory foam in the 1970s decade. It was a solid with the elastic and pliable qualities of rubber. Just like the rubber band, it reverts to its original form after being contorted and stretched. Press a hand onto the foam and, when lifted away, a handprint lingers on the surface of the foam for a short while. The foam will then slowly revert back to its shape after the hand pressure is removed erasing the imprint. The memory of the hand slowly faded with time.

To get a better idea of why the GEN2 Memory Foam Mattress is better than a regular sleeping mattress, let us enumerate the health hazards that a seemingly innocent mattress can pose to an unsuspecting, sleeping human being.

Although it's been with you a long time, there still is difficulty at certain times in finding the right position. There are also surprising occasions where people wake up with muscle pains. The reason behind this is that sleeping on a mattress, if not done properly, causes undue pressure on your body. In the quest to find the correct position, which happens either awake or asleep, the body goes through several unnatural motions and positions that cause strain. The strain causes the muscle pain. Unknown to us, the strain causes additional repercussions such as numbness and poor circulation.

In layman's terms this means back pains, inflammation in the hip joints, aggravated conditions for sciatica, circulation irregularities and painful arms. Back pains occur when the spine is contorted into an unnatural position. Painful hip joints can become inflamed as a result of hard mattresses. Those with sciatica may find their conditions worsening. When the flow of blood to the feet becomes irregular or cut off, swelling of the feet and calves occur because of pain and numbness. Pain in the arms occurs when the nerves of the neck are inflamed. Numbness, pain and a prickly sensation are indicators of poor circulation and strained muscles, tendons and nerves.

In addition to the problems stated above, the mattress also houses dust mites. A dust mite is a main trigger for asthma. There is simply no way to get all those mites out of the mattress save for burning. Constant vacuuming and cleaning will only keep the dust mite's population at relatively low levels. Dust mites live in warm, fibrous places. The conventional mattress is an ideal home for dust mites.

Conversely, the compactness of the memory foam material gives little or no space for dust mites to create a home. The memory foam conforms to the shape of the pressure placed on it. By lying down flat on the back, the memory foam does not force the spine into an unnatural shape. Instead, the memory mattress conforms to the shape of the spine.

Health wise, the GEN2 Memory Foam Mattress is a good alternative to the regular mattress.



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