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Handicapped Accessible Bathtubs Explained


If you are handicapped then you know why you need a handicapped accessible bathtub, let others know too by letting them read this article. Mobility provides people with independence and dignity. Unfortunately, not all people are able to harness these qualities completely. People with disabilities are always challenged almost everytime to make a move. It is a blessing that more and more gadgets and building features are being constructed for better handicapped access. This will enable physically challenged people to assert their independence and gain their dignity in the process.

One of those gadgets available in the market today is the handicap bathtub. These tubs are modified in such a way that people with mobility issues can use them with out any assistance whatsoever. The walk-in tub, for example, is almost the same as a traditional bath tub. The difference lies in the fact that the walk-in tub has a gate or door through which a handicapped person may pass through. This removes the necessity of having to climb over the sides of the tub whenever one feels like bathing. Not climbing over the sides of the tub means reduced chances for injury as well as undue physical exertion. Once inside the tub, the handicapped person may sit on a built-in chair instead of having to sit all the way down at floor level. The tub also comes with a handheld shower for easier use. Sealing the door so that water does not seep through is easily done with a push of a button or a turn of a knob. The handicapped bather can then enjoy all the regular features available in regular tubs such as temperature adjustments, hydrotherapy massage and self dry.

There is another bath tub model which also has a door that opens outwards to make access easier. People can easily transfer from a wheelchair to the tub with greater ease by using the "sit and pivot" principle especially with safety bars installed. Just like the previous tub, optional features like hydrotherapy, temperature control and whirpool can also be installed for added bathing pleasure of the user.

It is possible to convert a regular tub to handicapped access tub. There are companies that perform these conversions. Conversion usually entails cutting a portion out of the tub to accomodate a door or reducing the outer wall and installing steps leading to the tub. People are somewhat leery of this method since those who have actually converted their tubs exhibited mixed reactions.

As I said at the start, people gain independence from mobility, and through independence, dignity. Spending a bit more for both of these is well worth it even if only for a tub.



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