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Handicapped Gardening Methods Explained


Gardening is a great hobby! There's nothing better than planting hibiscus cuttings and watching them grow. After four or five months, those cuttings will have grown enough to start displaying their colorful flowers. Since the hibiscus is a tall plant (some say even a tree), you'd probably want to put something underneath to cover the ground. This is where the difficulty lies. If you are someone with arthritis or chronic back pain or even handicapped, stooping, squatting or bending yourself in half is not really a nice thing to do.

Have you heard of the term ergonomics? Its supposed to make physical working conditions better. Well, gardening has been invaded by the ergonomic frenzy. Here's a list of some tools as well as tips on where to find them.

For ergonomic gardening tools such as ergonomic grip gardening tools, gloves, kneeling pads, garden stools and carts visit on the internet or call them at (800) 966-5119, and with telephone number (888) 632-7091.

Telescopic tools and long handled tools have been developed to eliminate the need for stooping, squatting and bending. Look around the website or call them at (800) 694-6863 to get a sampling of all those long tools that can save your back from further pain.

If you do not have a sprinkler system and have to water your garden manually, these tools may help. Soakers or drip hoses are snaked throughout the garden. Just turn on the faucet, wait, and then turn it off. Hose caddies and reels make it easy to lug around those long hoses. Some even wind themselves up when you're done using them. See for more details.

Now, if it's really bad that you can't even stoop low to take a close look at your petunias, maybe you should "modify" your garden a bit.

Raised garden beds can be bought at your nearest garden store. You can probably build these beds yourself if it weren't for that bad back. Trellises makes for vertical gardening. It's certainly going to look different from your neighbor's yard. Planting in containers like window boxes, deck railing planters, hanging baskets, oversized pots, deep boxes, barrels or tub planters will definitely allow you to position them so that you don't have to get down. Plants in containers require more water. If carrying a pitcher of water places too much of a strain on your back, you can buy self-watering containers. You can find containers, raised beds and trellises at various stores that sell lawn and garden supplies. They also can be purchased online at places like or (800) 955-3370, and or (800) 538-7476.

I just love gardening. I can't imagine doing anything else in my dotage. Knowing that there are ways to indulge in my hobby without having to strain myself out is going to be the delight of my twilight years.



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