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Furniture for Gramps


Buying furniture for senior citizens is not quite the same as buying for younger people. There are a lot of considerations to ponder before the correct choices can be made. At the moment, I have no problems getting in and out of bed. Neither do I feel any difficulties when I sit on and get off the couch. Observing my grandfather, I notice how he has a much harder time of it (not nearly quite as hard as when I'm feeling lazy). Arthritis and rheumatism considerably limit his movements.

From this observation alone, I knew that gramps needed a new bed. Then I realized that the bed wasn't the only furniture in the house. So how do I choose?

The first problem was height. Even if the furniture had the correct height, getting up was still a painful task. Finally (maybe because I was taking too long in the shop) a salesperson pointed me to the special furniture section. With a push of a button, the seat of the couch started rising. When it was all the way up, I was told to take a seat. I did so and immediately told the lady that it was too high. She let me push the button so that the seat would drop down slowly then told me to push the button again when I found the right height. I asked her how much and I just couldn't repeat it.

As I was driving home, my soft heart kept on telling me that nothing was too expensive for gramps. Besides, I would get to use it when I was old anyway. So I got gramps and we went to the store together. I pointed out the chair and showed him about the buttons. He said, "Hey! Just like a roller coaster". I was thinking he said it out of surprise more than anything. The salesperson then started talking about fabric. Duh? She said that the texture of the fabric will stop any slipping out of the seat and that there might be allergic reactions. She also said that the fabric should be easy to clean so that gramps did not have to stoop that long to run a rag over it (not that I've seen him do that except for his car). After all that mumbo jumbo, I decided to let gramps do the picking. I mean, I could have probably chosen for him, but no one knows what he wants better than himself.

Moral of the story? You can only go so far in picking out the right furniture for your loved one. It's best to bring gramps along so he gets what he really wants.



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