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The Boxter Mobility Scooter

The Specifications:
Wheel 3" x 10"
Drive System 24V Sealed Transaxle
Dimensions (folded) 50"x24"x28"
Max Speed 5.5 mph - Adjustable
Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Travel Range 25 - 30 miles
Climbing Grade 20 Degrees
Turning Radius 45 inches
Suspension N/A
Brake Electronic Magnetic Disk
Free Wheeling Electric and Manual

The mobility scooter provides the handicapped and elderly people with a freedom lost or never had. With freedom comes an improvement in the quality of life of a physically disadvantaged person. Walking the dog or just going from one room of the house to another without help can be achieved when using a scooter. That longed for freedom of mobility is now attainable.

Box scooters are produced in different sizes to fit your requirements. They were specifically designed to cater to the needs of the physically challenged. Because of its compact size, a scooter can squeeze through your doorways. It is even made in such a way that storing the scooter in your office or in a public transport bus is not a problem. You can fold the scooter and shove it under the desk or trunk of the bus.

Generally speaking, scooters are easy to use and cheap to power. Whether gas or electric powered, the scooter is sure to be inexpensive when it comes to refueling. On a gallon of gasoline, a scooter can be used for days or even weeks without having to refuel. Gas powered scooters are handy when dental appointments or shopping sprees are in order. Even with the soaring price of gasoline, the rate of fuel consumption of this mechanical wonder will make it all worth it.

Battery powered scooters are not far behind. Batteries with increased power storage capacities are being invented almost everyday. There are batteries that have enough power to fuel the scooter for driving around a whole day without fear of running out of electricity. If you have worries of running out of power in strange neighborhoods, you can set those fears to rest because the capacity of batteries to store more power is continuously being improved and enhanced.

Scooters provide you with the mobility you need to go to that corner store or nearby grocery. If the craving for soda or beer hits you, you can up and leave without having to lean on anybody to get you what you want. The independence that this device provides is simply amazing. Compared to years past, getting around the house, even actually going out of it to go someplace else is no longer as difficult as it used to be. With the scooter, you don't have to be lifted out of the house then into the car. Just sit yourself on it and drive yourself to where you want to go.

Giving the scooter as gift to a friend is giving him more than a few nuts and bolts. Giving a scooter to your friend would mean freedom and independence. You couldn't give a better gift to somebody who has lost or does not have the freedom to move like most of us do. For handicapped people, to be given the simple joy of managing things on their own is the best gift one can give another. They also get back some excitement in life as they have the opportunity to see the world if and when they choose.



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