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Simplify your life with the best investment any wheelchair-bound person can make by adding a hydraulic lift bath chair to your bathroom. Transferring to a tub from a wheelchair is one of the most difficult maneuvers a wheel chair bound person can perform inside the house. Fortunately, mobility technology has improved enough to make this activity easier on a person. Coupled with a lift wheel chair, transferring to and from the tub will be a snap.

The lift bath chair goes up and swivels over the side of the tub allowing ease of transfer from lift wheel chair to lift bath chair and vice versa. Once on the chair, pushing a single button will make the lift bath chair swivel over the tub and settle down to a comfortable level controlled by the user.

With these two innovations, soaking in a tub ceases to become a chore for the handicapped as well as the people who assist them. The need for assistance is minimized, if not removed, for those capable of making the transfer by themselves.

The TubMate model 190 bath lift is a hydraulic powered lift chair that people with lower disabilities can use to eliminate the hassle of bathing. Water pressure is utilized to maneuver the chair up, down and over the sides of the tub at pressures of twenty psi minimum and one hundred psi maximum. To avoid slipping on the tub, the base of the chair has four suction cups underneath to hold the chair in place while the person is bathing. The seat is made of plastic with holes punched through so that the water does not accumulate on it. Optional seat belts and a tub spout can be ordered along with the tub.

So far, the only color available for the tub and seat as of May 2006 is white. The tub comes with a one year limited warranty on parts and labor. The capacity of the lift chair itself is three hundred pounds. Below are additional specifications for the tub as well as the contact information of the manufacturer.

TubMate model 190 Price : US$ 995.00 (as of May 2006)

Ability Technologies, Inc.
Telephone Number : 610-317-1700
Fax Number : 610-317-1777
141 W. Fourth St. Bethlehem,
Pennsylvania 18015
Web Site :



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